Best Baby Strollers For Travel In 2023: Which Is The Top Choice For You?

Brigitt Earley
  Jun 2, 2023 10:53 PM

When a kid enters a household, "walking softly" is no longer a concern. However, you may bring some items with you on the road or in the air, and a travel stroller is one of the items that make many family vacations much simpler.

In contrast to the huge, fluffy, bell-and-whistle-adorned infant strollers, we're discussing lightweight models, including ones that fold into the size of a bag and can be stowed away. fit into the overhead baggage compartment of an aircraft.

Not everyone has the same stroller requirements, much less a travel stroller. "It depends on the location," says Buybuy Baby's Parenting Pros member Nkeiruka U. Orajiaka, MBBS, a board-certified pediatrics and public health physician in Columbus, Ohio.

While you want a stroller that can go great distances and move quickly, you also want it to be maneuverable in tight spaces.

You may want a stroller that is as light as possible, compact enough to fit in the trunk of your car, or easy enough to fold with one hand while holding a fussy infant and luggage.

Sometimes sunshades and storage space are of the utmost importance, and sometimes the ability to manage crowds and difficult terrain is.

And occasionally you desire a low-cost alternative so that your holiday cash may be allocated elsewhere. During our testing and investigation, we considered each of these characteristics.

Based on our exhaustive research, these are the best baby strollers for travel currently available.

Summer 3Dmini Convenience Stroller, Blue/Black – Lightweight Infant Stroller with Compact Fold, Multi-Position Recline, Canopy with Pop Out Sun Visor and More – Umbrella Stroller for Travel and More

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Uppababy's MINU V2 is the Best Runner-Up Stroller in Every Category

Measurements (inches): 12" H x 22.5" L x 20.25" W folded, 41" H x 31" L x 20.5" W unfolded | Seat dimensions (inches): 9.5" L x 13" W | Weight: 14.75 pounds | Child age/weight range: birth (with a kit available separately) to 50 pounds

In terms of convenience for traveling, the Uppababy Minu is second only to the Nuna.

At first sight, it seems like any other Uppababy stroller, yet it folds up so little that it fits in an airplane overhead bin with just one hand (and so earns a 4.8). (though your airline may still ask you to gate-check).

We also scored it a 4.8 for portability because it can be folded up and slung over your shoulder for hands-free transport.

The plush seat of the Minu reclines widely, and the complete UPF 50+ sun canopy has a mesh window for ventilation, making it seem like a pleasant ride for young children (and peeking).

The calf rest on the original Minu is fixed in place, and the height of the five-point harness must be changed by rethreading the straps.

The under-seat storage area is a touch less than on the Nuna, but the leather handlebar is just as plush and stylish.

Even though it seemed significantly heavier than the Joolz AER, the stroller performed well in our mobility testing.

A rod from the canopy became dislodged during the drop test for durability, but it was simple to reattach.

Just before Uppababy released the Minu V2, we put it through its paces, and we're happy to report that many of our favorite features from the original are still present.

The Uppababy bassinet may be used with this model, and it also has a larger under-seat storage basket, an adjustable calf rest, more color options, and a canopy that zips open for extra room.

It's up to you to determine if your kid's comfort is more essential than your own, given that the additions cause the weight to increase by around 2 pounds (and the price to increase by an average of $50).


  • Conveniently small and light

  • Reclining, padded seat

  • Completely shielding you from the light


  • Limited space beneath the seats (in the original model)

  • It takes some time to adjust to the unfolding process


Joolz AER Lightweight Compact Baby Stroller is the Best Folding Travel Design

Weight: 14.2 pounds | Folded dimensions: 9.2 by 20.25 by 16.25 inches | Open dimensions: 42 by 25 by 17 inches | Recommended age/weight range: from birth (with car seat adaptor) to 50 pounds

The lightweight and ergonomic design of Joolz made it a fan favorite among the reviewers. The cushioning provides a snug fit for little travelers, which is a major plus.

When not in use, the canopy and the seat recline function both employ zippers to tuck away the excess fabric, giving for a more streamlined appearance and a less cumbersome fold.

Since it only weighs roughly 14 pounds and has an ease of portability rating of 4.9, it is quite convenient to take around thanks to the elastic strap provided when everything has been stowed away.

It also received a 4.9 for ease of use because of its one-handed fold (which just requires pressing two buttons). A rain cover and a carry bag are included with the stroller to make it easier and safer to transport your baby from place to place.

This is one of the lightest and most foldable strollers we examined. During the maneuverability test, it had no trouble with any of the surfaces (probably because of its light weight).

The lack of a calf rest is the sole possible point of contention when it comes to the chair's suitability for children, however, such a feature is available for purchase as an accessory.

Our in-house reviewer noticed that the stroller's buckle, which fastens in four places, can be a minor annoyance at times.

Joolz's two best extra features are: The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee on the stroller and plants a tree in Colombia for each one sold.


  • Sleek canopies and seating

  • Snugly shoulder strap for transporting

  • Guaranteed for the Rest of Your Life


  • One can purchase calf support independently

  • The buckle is often a source of annoyance


Uppababy G-Link 2 Double Stroller Is the Best Option

Seat measurements (inches): 10" L x 11" W | Weight: 21.8 pounds | Child age/weight range: 3 months to 55 pounds | Dimensions (inches): 14" H x 40" L x 17.5" W folded, 41" H x 25" L x 28.25" W unfolded (per seat)

Having a lightweight, collapsible double stroller may make a huge difference when traveling with two young children.

The G-Link 2 is a compact alternative to conventional double strollers due to its unique design using only four wheels as opposed to the more common six.

The loop between the handles is what allows you to fold it, and the action is remarkably seamless, thus the bag gets 4.8 points in this category.

Taking twists and bumps as easily as a single stroller, we were pleasantly delighted by this stroller's mobility and rated it a 4.7 out of 5.

Unfortunately, despite its large UPF 50+ canopies, completely reclining seats, and conveniently located cup holder, this stroller still falls short of the single strollers in terms of mobility and style.


  • A twin stroller that is both lightweight and narrow

  • The creases were hardly noticeable

  • Comfortable pushing and manipulate


  • Its folded size is not very tiny

  • No shoulder strap

Supremely Relaxed Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Stroller

Measurements (inches): 7" H x 22.5" L 19.5" W folded, 40" H x 26" L x 20" W unfolded | Seat dimensions (inches): 9" L x 13" W | Weight: 14.5 pounds | Child age/weight range: birth (with car seat attachment) to 45 pounds

The City Tour 2 is a lightweight travel stroller that weighs only 14.5 pounds and folds virtually as easily as our top recommendations, but costs around $200 less.

Despite claims that it may be folded with one hand, we found that locking the stroller into position required the use of both hands and so lowered our rating to 4.5 stars.

But when folded, you can carry it by the handle with a single hand. Putting it in the carry-on luggage is important if you want to avoid lugging it about in your hands.

There's a chance it'll fit in the overhead bin, and you can quickly remove the front wheels to make it easier to store in a closet or other confined location.

A full-coverage UPF 50+ canopy (with a peekaboo glass) plus a seat that reclines far backward and a calf rest that extends all the way flat make the City Tour 2 a highly comfortable portable resting spot.

Although the five-point harness is soft and comfortable, it must be rethreaded in order to be worn at different heights.

We didn't like that the under-seat storage was less than we'd prefer, and we missed conveniences like a cup holder and a bumper bar (which can be purchased separately).

Details from the Tests: "The Baby Jogger is quite easy to maneuver. The shag carpet blended in seamlessly with the sleek wood and tile floors.

I felt very few bumps in the handlebar despite the fact that some strollers had trouble with the gravel."

This stroller scored a 4.8 on our maneuverability scale, so the adult using it won't have any trouble getting where they need to go.

To assist it to overcome obstacles like curbs and bumps on the road, it has suspension on the front wheels and somewhat bigger wheels on the back.


  • Extremely lightweight compared to others

  • Comfortable pushing and manipulating

  • Leans back for a nap


  • Using one's hands just to fold anything is a myth

  • There is no strap for hands-free transport

  • Space under the seats might be improved


GB Qbit+ One-Handed Folding Stroller is Ideal for All City Use

Weight: 17.6 pounds | Child age/weight range: from birth (when used with a Cybex infant car seat) to 55 pounds | Dimensions (inches): 10.5" H x 23" L x 16.5" W folded, 41" H x 24" L x 17" W unfolded | Seat dimensions (inches): 9" L x 13" W |

The GB Qbit+ All City does resemble the Nuna TRVL; your eyes are not deceiving you. This is a great option if you want the finest overall selection but have a smaller budget (by about $70).

Like the Nuna, this stroller collapses to a manageable size with the touch of two buttons and has a luxurious-looking fabric and imitation leather on the bumper bar and handle. Nonetheless, the two strollers are not interchangeable.

The smoothness and portability of this stroller won us over in the lab (rating it 4.9 for that attribute). When you lay back in your seat, a lovely mesh window comes up so you can get some airflow.

The all-wheel suspension ensures a smooth ride, even across rough terrain; in our test, it seemed as though we were driving on a smooth floor.

However, it wasn't nearly as transportable as other of our top recommendations because it weighs a bit more (17.3 pounds) and doesn't come with a carrying strap.

When considering this for a trip to a tropical destination, we think a larger canopy would be a welcome addition.


  • Super simple to fold

  • Folds up yet remains upright Suspension ensures a comfortable ride


  • Compared to other modes of transportation, this one is rather heavy

  • The canopy needs to be expanded


UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller with Raincover is the Best Option

Seat measurements (inches): 9" L x 13" W | Weight: 16.5 pounds | Child age/weight range: 3 months to 55 pounds | Dimensions (inches): 15" H x 41" L x 11.75" W folded, 42.5" H 23.5" L x 18.5" W unfolded

Even though two of the three parents who brought their own strollers to the lab said they were familiar with the G-Luxe brand, we were pleasantly pleased by how well this very reasonably priced umbrella stroller performed against the costlier competitors.

Although it is bulkier and heavier than a standard travel stroller, you may be willing to gate-check it because it costs less than half as much as the Nuna TRVL (and you can even purchase a very nice travel bag for that purpose).

Because of its strong construction, your suitcase won't be harmed if it gets thrown around by the baggage handlers.

Although the G-size Luxe's prevented it from receiving a high score (3.9) for portability, the included shoulder strap was made for convenient, hands-free transport.

It may be folded up and stored away neatly when you reach your destination. This stroller was rated well for its mobility (4.7) and received positive reviews for its aesthetics (4.5).

The latter is because the cushioned seat can be reclined all the way back, the leg rest can be extended completely, there is a sizable UPF 50+ canopy, a cup holder is provided, and we especially like the denim blue color choice.

The lack of a peekaboo glass in the canopy and the rather awkward access to the under-seat storage area, especially when the seat is reclined, are two possible downsides.

Reviewer comments from New York City Subway stair climbing: "I had a previous version of the G-Luxe, and that carrying strap was vital.

Our son adored napping in the stroller on our vacation to Seattle and Vancouver, and the stroller made it through many airport checks without a hitch.

This stroller will save you money and provide your child with a comfortable seat from which to enjoy your travels if your itinerary includes plenty of walking around cities and not a lot of loading into small vehicle trunks.


  • Possibility of relaxing in a comfortable chair or reclined position

  • Abundant shade

  • With its handy strap, you may carry it over your shoulder with ease


  • Not extremely compact when folded

  • Seating partly obstructs access to storage

Recommended Low-Cost Kolcraft Cloud Plus Baby Stroller

Folded measurements (inches): 10" H x 33" L x 17.5" W; unfolded dimensions (inches): 38" H x 27" L x 18" W | Seat dimensions (inches): 9" L x 13" W | Weight: 11.8 pounds | Child age/weight range: 6 months to 50 pounds

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus is a great option for less than $80 if you just need a stroller for holidays (at the time of this writing).

Weighing in just around 12 pounds, it may not be the most attractive or compact option, but it is the lightest.

It took some practice in the lab, but eventually, we mastered the one-handed (two-button) fold, which required a fair amount of strength and dexterity.

Our low portability rating is due to the fact that it cannot be folded small enough to fit in an airplane's overhead compartment and there is no carrying strap. Of course, at this price, you probably won't mind trying it out.

The trays were dislodged during the durability testing, but they were simple to reconnect.

One of the characteristics that make this a good choice for a trip is the inclusion of two trays, one for the child and one for the adult, both with their own set of cup holders.

The wide under-seat storage area is another handy feature. However, if your child needs to take long naps in the stroller, you could be disappointed by the limited recline and the absence of a calf rest.

Although it was not the most nimble of vehicles over uneven terrain, its front-wheel suspension and modest weight made it simple to push over humps and bumps.

The stroller's total value received the highest score (4.8). Select this alternative if that criterion is really important to you.


  • Functioning using a single, straightforward folding mechanism

  • Adult and kid serving trays included

  • Extremely minimal


  • Prominent logo on the grip

  • Larger than allowed in overhead storage

  • No shoulder strap


GB Pockit+ All City is the Best Compact Travel Stroller

Weight: 13 pounds | Car seat compatibility: yes | Carry-on potential: yes | One-handed fold: no | Weight limit: 55 pounds | Best for: frequent flyers

The Gb Pockit+ All City is a great option if you're in the market for a travel stroller but would rather not gate-check yours.

This lightweight stroller can be folded as compactly as a purse in a matter of seconds, allowing you to take it on the plane with you as checked luggage.

Alex Powers, a mother of two and frequent traveler, says, "I can't imagine traveling anyplace without first placing our gb Pockit in my trunk."

It's portable, simple to disassemble, and compact enough to fit in the airplane's overhead bin. Bonus: You can even use it while strolling the aisles of an airline.

While not compatible with all infant car seats, the Pockit may be used with any Cybex model with the provided adapter.

The material is detachable and machine washable, the sunshade has a UPF rating of 50+, and it reclines. The weight restriction of the Gb Pockit+ All City travel stroller is somewhat greater than the Nuna's, at 55 pounds.


  • The fold is very small

  • Enhanced carrying capacity


  • Lacking the sturdiness required for regular usage

  • Fewer available car seat models


BabyzenBabyzen YoYo2 is the best airport-friendly travel stroller

Weight: 14 pounds | Car seat compatible: Yes | Carry-on potential: Yes | Foldable with one hand: Yes | Weight capacity: 48 pounds | Ideal For Short trips and vacations

I found that a large percentage of my fellow new moms adored the Babyzen YoYo2.

Anne Bransky, a mother of two who frequently travels across the nation, recommends the YoYo since it is compact and can be stored in an airplane's overhead compartment.

It's lightweight at only 14 pounds, so you won't risk injury to your back by picking it up. It can be folded up into a little package and carried like a bag, and it comes with a board attachment so that two siblings may enjoy a ride.

Despite its lack of durability for regular usage, its plush seat, four-wheel suspension, and shock absorption make for a pleasant ride.

In addition to being adaptable to most car seats with the proper accessory, this stroller features an adjustable leg rest, a secure rear pocket for storage, a solar screen with a UPF of 50+, and a reclining back.


  • It has a shoulder strap for convenience of transport

  • Add-on board to make riding with kids easier

  • Use with the vast majority of current vehicle seats (with adapter)


  • Pricey

  • You'll need to buy a new seat and canopy independently


UppaBaby G-Lite Stroller is the Best Affordable Option for Your Next Trip

Weight: 11 pounds | Car seat compatibility: no | Carry-on potential: no | One-handed fold: no | Weight limit: 55 pounds | Ideal for: Families seeking an economical solution for older infants or toddlers

The price of a stroller designed for traveling might quickly add up. That's why the UppaBaby G-Lite Stroller is so popular among new parents.

This lightweight stroller weighs only 11 pounds, and features all-wheel suspension, and ergonomically placed handlebars, making it suitable for children as young as three months and as heavy as 55 pounds.

I'm only 5'8", so I really appreciated how much higher the handlebars were on this stroller compared to others I'd looked at.

It boasts two reclining settings, a cup holder, a convenient carrying strap, and stain-resistant fabric, and it folds up in two easy stages (some parents report they can fold it one-handed, but not all).

It's better suited to older infants and toddlers because it doesn't accept a car seat, has a smaller undercarriage basket, and sits a little lower to the ground than competing strollers.

The UppaBaby Travel Bag cannot be stored in an airplane's overhead bin, but the firm offers a guarantee that will pay for repairs for any damage the bag sustains in transit.


  • Affordable

  • Lightweight

  • Folds flat, with sturdy handles, and a shoulder strap


  • It's a spot-clean-only item

  • You can't put this in an airplane's overhead storage

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Buying Guides

What to Consider When Buying a Travel Stroller

The demands of your child(ren), your mode of transportation, and your intended activities once you arrive will all play a role in your final decision for a stroller.

However, there are several requirements we believe all strollers should fulfill, as well as some features that would be very appreciated.

Summer 3Dmini Convenience Stroller, Blue/Black – Lightweight Infant Stroller with Compact Fold, Multi-Position Recline, Canopy with Pop Out Sun Visor and More – Umbrella Stroller for Travel and More

Added Protection

Dr. Orajiaka warns us that "head injuries, fractures, lacerations, and skin friction or rubs" are just some of the ailments that might happen "if safety is not strongly emphasized."

These can occur if the kid isn't correctly fastened in, an adult forgets to apply the brakes, the child's foot becomes trapped in the footrest, the stroller isn't stable enough, or extra objects cause it to topple.

Due to these factors, it's crucial that you pay great attention to and adhere to the manufacturer-specified age and weight restrictions.

Check to determine whether the stroller has a bassinet attachment or an infant car seat adaptor if your child is younger than the stroller's suggested age range.

The Doona stroller, which can be converted into a car seat, is a popular choice among parents and caregivers who frequently transport infants.

In the lab, we discovered that the price was too high for such limited use, especially when compared to the price of a stroller that may be used for years.

While a solar canopy isn't precisely an immediate safety measure, it is, in Dr. Orajiaka's opinion, critically important to children's long-term health.

She tells us, "I think they're really significant." "Your youngster will be shielded from the sun and other elements.

Infants and toddlers under the age of six months cannot use sunscreen, thus this is an alternative method of sun protection."

Specifications regarding mass and stature

It's up to you to decide how big and heavy a stroller you want. If you will only be using your stroller for short journeys, you may save some money by getting a less feature-rich, more compact model.

This may be because the stroller doesn't have a reclining seat, wheels with suspension, a bumper bar, or a large sun cover.

On the other hand, if you want a stroller that has all the capabilities you need for regular use, you'll likely have to settle with one that is a little heavier and won't fit as easily in airplane overhead bins and trunks.

Keep in mind that certain airlines may require you to gate-check your stroller on a full flight, despite the fact that many strollers can fit in the overhead bins.

Dr. Orajiaka recommends "strollers with wide bases" since they are less prone to topple over.

Simplicity of Operation

We found that folding up some of the travel strollers we tried was so complicated that only someone with a technological background could do it.

Others collapsed without difficulty, but the harness buckles were too difficult to use without injuring our fingers.

We took care to only include the strollers that were the simplest to operate, sometimes even with one hand, because we know how much more challenging it would be to do any of those things with a crying infant or a screaming toddler in the midst of an airport.

If you buy a stroller and find that it isn't easy to use, you should return it and look for another option. As long as you're open to new ideas, you'll be able to find a solution that works for you among the various possibilities.

Flexibility in usage is a crucial factor. You'll appreciate how well the stroller handles bumps, curves, and navigating through crowds if you're traveling with luggage and/or strolling in new regions.

Coziness and Class

The comfort of the kid in the stroller as well as the adults pushing it is an important factor to think about. Padding, foot and calf rest, reclining chairs, and adjustable harnesses are all items to consider for kids.

The stroller's handle should be at an appropriate height for an adult's height, and it should be easy to push and lift for putting away (and upstairs!).

Cup holders, pockets, and ample space beneath the seat are some of the extras that might come in handy so that you and your child can keep all of your belongings close at hand.

At last, it's not all about what other people think when it comes to selecting a stroller's aesthetic. If you plan on bringing this on family vacations, chances are it will end up in family pictures, which means you'll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Our Methods for Evaluating Baby Strollers for International Travel

In our New York City lab, three editors gave the trolley a try and rated it on six criteria: how easy it was to fold up, how portable it was, how well it looked, how well it handled, and how easily it could be folded up again reliability and pricelessness.

When considering new strollers, we take Dr. Orajiaka's recommendations for child safety in mind. Because size is so crucial for travel strollers, we also measure and weigh them while folded and open.

To ensure that the stroller could be folded and unfolded easily, each participant did so four times. Strollers that can be folded with a single motion and do not require the user to decipher lengthy instructions have been given high scores.

We made sure the strollers would fit in a rack that was about the size of a commercial airline's overhead bin by wheeling them around the room.

We tested the strollers' mobility by pushing them along an indoor track with various surfaces, including gravel, carpet, and hardwood.

We made sure that each stroller's brakes were conveniently located and simple to operate. In order to determine how sturdy each stroller was, we pushed them off a table and dropped them from hip height.

Almost all strollers receive a perfect 5 on this metric, with the exception of those with a few loose but functional parts.

The evaluation of value and aesthetic quality is highly personal. Safety (sunroof and solid straps), kid comfort, adult comfort, storage room, and aesthetics were all factors in our search for the ideal family vehicle for our upcoming cross-country road trip.

When determining which strollers were the best value, we considered a number of factors beyond just cost.


When is it no longer necessary to use a stroller for a child?

Dr. Orajiaka states that "most suggestions are for youngsters to quit strollers by 3 years of age." "With this, they can keep moving and strengthening their legs.

The flexibility afforded by having a stroller on hand, or the relief it provides to a weary kid, make strollers a must-have item for families taking extended trips."

Does the TSA accept my stroller?

Yes. Your stroller will be allowed through the checkpoint. In order to get through security, you'll likely be asked to remove your child and collapse the stroller.

On other occasions, a manual or metal detector search will suffice. When navigating the airport with a stroller, it's best not to have too much stuff rattling about within.

What can I do to safeguard my stroller while in flight?

Strollers may be checked in at the gate for free on most airlines, and their special handling is a result of the fact that they are treated with greater care than regular checked luggage. To keep your stroller safe, you might invest in a bag.

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank our customers for choosing our website to read and refer to when looking for the best baby strollers for travel. We hope you've found a small and lightweight travel stroller that's right for you and your baby.