Best Granite Composite Sinks Of 2023: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Christian Flapton
  Jun 2, 2023 9:31 PM

Granite composite kitchen sinks provide the strength and beauty of granite to your kitchen. They are quite popular owing to their eye-catching appearance and outstanding endurance. A high-quality composite sink will serve you well for decades.

We sifted through a plethora of composite granite sinks on the market and selected some of the best ones available for your kitchen today. Discover the best granite composite sinks reviews, as well as our purchasing advice, right below.

STYLISH Dual Mount Granite Composite Single Bowl Bar Sink with Regular Strainer (22

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1. Sink Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322GS0

Elkay Quartz is a popular granite composite sink that we discovered for you. It is made of solid quartz and has the feel of a rock. It is available in an eye-catching greystone hue to complement your new granite countertop.

The affordable sink is made of 9mm thick quartz composite material, making it one of the most important components you can place in your kitchen. 

The material is also very heat resistant (up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit) and will withstand bashing, chipping, and even scratching from your pans and pots.

The material also absorbs sound naturally, reducing noise and vibrations while the sink is in use. This sink's non-porous and smooth surface makes it simple to clean with soap and water. Foods and beverages will not readily attach to or stain their surface, and germs will not spread.

If you like single-bowl sinks, you'll like this sink even more. It has a single bowl structure with a depth of 9 7/16 inches, so you'll have plenty of areas to clean dishes and do other kitchen activities.

The beautiful quartz sink is excellent for under-mount installation. In other words, it is installed under your countertop to produce a clean, seamless appearance between the sink and the countertop.

2. Anthracite 441094 DIAMOND SILGRANIT Sink BLANCO


Blanco is a well-known manufacturer of the finest granite composite kitchen sinks. They provide a diverse range of sinks constructed from their unique ultra-durable material, Silgranit.

This substance is 80% granite, giving it rock-hard toughness. It is so sturdy that it can survive severe heat and cold changes. The materials feature a super-smooth surface that is resistant to chipping and scratches and can tolerate heat up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit. This sink will not be harmed by a fork or the bottom of hot pans/pots.

The sink is available in a single bowl form with a depth of 9.5 inches, providing plenty of space for rinsing, soaking, washing, or spraying operations.

Because the Silgranit surface is also non-porous, this sink resists stains and allows for simple cleaning. Furthermore, the non-porous quality of the material hinders the formation of germs and mold, resulting in a completely sanitary kitchen atmosphere.

Blanco provides this sink with up to 9 color possibilities, allowing you to match it to your countertop.


3. Kitchen Sink Ruvati Granite Composite Single Bowl

Ruvati, an Italian company, is another well-known name in the area of granite composite sinks. On our composite granite sink evaluations, we rank one of their top sinks third. It is every homeowner's fantasy kitchen sink since it has a large, deep design and looks excellent in your kitchen.

Ruvati designed this kitchen using composite granite materials that incorporate 80% crushed granite for unparalleled strength and durability. The remaining 20% is made up of unique polymers that make the sink completely non-porous and resistant to household chemicals.

It is colored all the way through to provide a rich, uniform effect that will not fade over time. The sink has an eight-deep basin with plenty of room for heavy pans and pots.

Mounting clips, a cutout template, and installation instructions are included in the package to make installing this unit in your kitchen as simple as possible. 

Furthermore, the sink has three partially-drilled knockout holes for your faucet and soap dispenser. It makes installing this kitchen much more feasible.

This sink also has a basket strainer drain assembly to assist catch food waste and avoid clogging. The sink is available in up to eight different colors.


4. Kitchen Sink Kraus Quarza 60/40

Kraus is another well-known brand in the realm of high-end kitchen sinks, and they have also entered the battle to manufacture dependable composite granite sinks, as seen by their Quarza sink series.

This sink, like all of its Kraus Quarza siblings, is built to endure a lifetime. It is made of a high-quality granite composite material made up of 80% natural quartz and a high-performance acrylic resin. It produces a very durable sink with a sumptuous appearance.

The extra-durable material outperforms regular sinks in terms of stain and scratch resistance. It can also withstand heat stress and damage from fallen pans and pots for a lifetime of service.

The sink's non-porous, the naturally sanitary surface also prevents meals and liquids from adhering. It resists filth and grime, making cleaning a breeze for you. Because of its capacity to endure high-temperature variations, you won't have to worry about placing hot pans and pots into this sink.

When you use the sink, the material may absorb vibrations and considerably reduce noise. This device allows you to select between drop-in and undermount installation to meet your specific requirements and preferences.


5. Granite Sink Houzer E-100 MIDNITE Quartztone Series

We highlight this superb granite composite sink from Houzer halfway through our top granite composite sink evaluations. This sink is part of the manufacturer's Quartztone range, which is designed for unrivaled strength and longevity.

The sink is reasonably priced and has a single basin that is 8 inches deep. It is the ideal depth for performing all of your culinary activities.

It is made up of 80% fine quartz sand and 20% high-quality acrylic quartz tone granite material. This substance is three times more complicated than genuine granite. Despite this, it feels smooth to the touch and is quite simple to clean and maintain.

It has a non-porous, naturally sanitary, and food-safe surface. This surface also repels stains and other impurities, providing antibacterial protection and keeping the kitchen clean.

The sink material is also resistant to thermal stress, so you may use it with hot pans and pots without fear of damage. To prevent fading, chipping, and scratching, the substance is also UV stable and heat resistant up to 500 degrees F.

This sink, like our previous model, comes with two mounting options: undermount or top mount. It also includes the necessary mounting clips, template, and user instructions for a simple installation.


6. Granite Kitchen Sink Swanstone QZ03322AD.077

So you've just redesigned your kitchen and want to replace your old kitchen sink with a new composite granite sink? If so, this high-quality Swanstone unit is a great alternative. It looks great and will complement the rest of your kitchen's decor.

You must be aware of this in advance. This sink has no bottom (it is 10 inches deep), which means there is plenty of room for washing dishes, including big pots and pans, as well as performing other kitchen sink activities.

The maker employs 80% genuine quartz stone in the building. It strengthens the sink and makes it nearly indestructible from kitchen usage. 

When you look carefully into the sink, you'll see a unique elevated platform with ornamental channels, which is meant to make meal preparation, dishwashing, and cleaning a breeze!

It is also simple to install this sink in your freshly renovated kitchen! It allows you to choose between drop-in and under-mount installation. It also has a pre-drilled faucet hole and drill-outs for up to four more holes.


7. Gravity Granite Single Bowl Kitchen Sink by Franke

Franke is a renowned maker of high-quality sinks in the United States. And this is one of their top-rated composite granite single-bowl sinks. It has a beautiful design and a huge, 9-inch deep basin, so you'll have plenty of room to wash those larger pans and pots.

Because of its inherent sterilized protection function, this sink merits a position on our composite granite sink evaluations. It is just a built-in protective barrier that is introduced during the production process to combat germs and molds and make cleaning simpler.

The sink has a very robust structure made up of 80% quartz stone, the most difficult granite component. It has a slightly curved shape that will look great in your kitchen. For a longer lifetime, you'll enjoy this material's greater resistance to stains, scratches, and heat.

Unlike other sinks that create a lot of noise when used, this sink is completely silent. The material is naturally soft and will not make any unpleasant noises or vibrations as you wash your dishes.

This sink may be installed as a top mount or an undermount. Everything you need for a full installation, including hardware and a template, is included in the box for a safe and simple DIY installation.


8. Lavello Luxor 100LT 31′′ Granite Sink SinksFaucets

This tiny gem is a potential option if you're seeking the right replacement for your outdated bar sink. The sink is built of high granite composite material, which ensures that it will survive, look fantastic, and work well.

The huge granite sink is heavier and thicker than most other materials, with 80% granite and 20% resins. It withstands extreme temperatures, thermal stress, collisions, and scratches well. 

It has a smooth surface that is 100% non-porous for simple cleaning. It will not contain germs or mold, ensuring a sanitary kitchen.

The sink is additionally coated with anti-UV technology to prevent fading from extended use and exposure to elements. Its color will stay steady and deep for many years.

If you value silence in your kitchen, you'll enjoy that the material used to create this sink eliminates noise and vibration while in use.


9. KS03322SB.168 Swanstone Kitchen Sink

Want to wow your pals the next time they come to visit? You should put this neatly designed kitchen in your sink. It has a sophisticated appearance and is available in a variety of colors to fit your countertop.

This sink is not only attractive, but it is also functionally optimized. It includes a larger basin (10 inches) that can handle everything, from large cooking pots to baking sheets, mixing bowls, and so on, so you'll never have to fear dishwashing chores again.

Because of its smooth and non-porous surface, your kitchen will always seem clean. The surface will be sparkling clean after a quick wipe with soapy water and a clean towel.

This seat's granite composite material is very durable and provides the item with a truly solid feel. It can resist continuous heat of up to 450 degrees, so you can wash your pans and pots in the sink without fear. With this sink, stains and scratches will be a thing of the past.


10. Enbol Granite Composite Quartz Sink EGD-T3322-B

The Enbol EGD-T3322-B rounds up our granite composite sinks reviews as a wonderful value for consumers that love double bowl sinks. It has a 50/50 dual bowl arrangement for added utility.

Both bowls are evenly deep (9 7/8′′) to provide enough capacity. They keep water from splashing about and offer a better working environment for cleaning kitchen items and meal prep.

This sink is made with 80% real granite by Enbol, making it incredibly hard and durable. The sink has clean lines as well as intelligent design to bring out the organic beauty of granite for an eye-catching aesthetic with a contemporary appeal.

Our sink, like the others on this list, is naturally sanitary and will not promote the growth of hazardous germs that may affect your health. The surface is completely non-porous and has been thermally finished to make it very resistant to chemicals, heat, scratches, chipping, and discoloration.

The smooth-feeling surface of this sink washes clean for simple maintenance. Because it is made of noise-reducing quartz stone material, it will significantly reduce water flow and noise created by dishes for a peaceful kitchen atmosphere.

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Buying Guides


Composite granite sinks are inherently long-lasting. However, this does not imply you should disregard the quality of the sink you want to purchase.

Check the composition of the material used to create your sink. Top manufacturers employ 80% granite sand and 20% resins as bonding agents to make exceptionally durable sink materials, as you may have learned in our composite granite sink reviews above.

Furthermore, ensure that the sink is resistant to discoloration, stains, scratches, chipping, impact, and extreme heat. All of these factors contribute to the sink's longevity.

STYLISH Dual Mount Granite Composite Single Bowl Bar Sink with Regular Strainer (22

Maintenance Ease

Another important consideration while searching for the ideal sink is the ease of cleaning and upkeep. The greatest sinks have a silky, smooth, and non-porous texture that makes cleaning as simple as wiping it with a clean sponge. 

Non-porous surfaces are also advantageous since they do not harbor germs, resulting in a more sanitary cooking atmosphere.


Topmount and undermount are the two most frequent installation options for granite composite kitchen sinks. The former is simple to assemble since it does not need any additional support. 

Because of their hefty (stone) weight, undermount sinks need adequate support beneath. They are a little more difficult to install than top mount sinks. Some models provide both drop-in and undermount installation options.


You should also consider the aesthetics of the sink you want to purchase. Though these sinks are typically attractive, you must verify that the individual unit you choose has a style and appeal that compliments your countertop or kitchen décor.

The number of bowls

Sinks with a single bowl

As the name suggests, these sinks contain a single bowl in which you must put and wash your soiled dishes. These sinks are often bigger in size and are great if you frequently use large pots and large-serving dishes. 

If you want to devote a separate area for dirty dishes and washing them, you may put a divider in the center of the sink. These sinks feature a single drainage hole and are simple to install. 

They are also quite economical and are an excellent choice for anyone who can effectively manage their space.

Sinks with two bowls

These sinks have two bowls as opposed to single-bowl sinks. In most cases, one bowl is somewhat bigger than the other. These sinks are quite handy since they allow you to segregate dirty dishes from the usable sink areas, making cleaning much simpler. 

These sinks, however, are substantially bigger than single-bowl sinks. They also have two drainage holes. The disadvantage is that these sinks are more difficult to install and more expensive than regular single-bowl sinks.

Mounting Type 

The mounting style determines how the kitchen sink is attached to the kitchen countertop. Granite composite kitchen sinks come in three different mounting methods.

Sinks with Undermount Drains

Undermount sinks are among the most attractive and aesthetically pleasing sinks on the market today. These sinks are attached under the countertop, creating a very smooth appearance. Because the sink's lip lies under the counter, you receive the most counter space possible. 

Furthermore, washing debris from the sink is significantly simpler. They may easily increase the market value of your home since they are a gorgeous and high-end solution. Unfortunately, these sinks are more expensive and more complicated to install.

Sinks with tops

These sinks, often known as 'drop-in' sinks, are installed straight into a cut-out in your countertop. As a consequence, there's a noticeable lip on the counter. 

Cleaning is considerably more difficult here since debris and residue may get trapped at the sink's borders. Looking at the benefits, these sinks are less expensive and extremely simple to adjust. Furthermore, they are significantly simpler to replace than undermount sinks.

Sinks for the Farmhouse

Farmhouse sinks are a form of drop-in sink with an open front side. These sinks, often known as 'Apron-Style' sinks, have a highly rustic appearance and come in a range of hues. 

Furthermore, the finish of these sinks may be customized. The disadvantage of employing these sinks is that they are more prone to chipping than the kitchen countertop edge.

Size of the Sink

When looking for a kitchen sink, you should consider the size that is best for your kitchen. The sink should be able to accommodate all of your crockery demands while also adding to the attractiveness of your kitchen. As a result, you may choose a kitchen sink ranging in size from 7 to 72 inches.

Single-bowl sinks are more compact than double-bowl sinks. A sink 24 inches broad will be ideal for a 150-square-foot kitchen. Standard kitchen sinks, which are typically 22 to 33 inches long, maybe a better option if you do not cook often. 

Furthermore, the size of the design must be considered. Farmhouse sinks, for example, may not be appropriate for small kitchen sinks since they may overpower the whole space.


When it comes to picking a sink, price is sometimes the deciding factor. In general, the bigger the sink, the more expensive it is. Materials and configuration are two more elements that influence pricing.

Most granite composite sinks, for example, are on the pricey side. Furthermore, if you aren't a frequent cook, a conventional sink size may be enough.


What is the composition of granite composite sinks?

Fine granite sand and an acrylic resin bonding agent make up the composite granite material. The best suppliers combine 80% granite sand and 20% bonding agent. The finished product has properties comparable to genuine granite while being more durable and simpler to maintain.

Why should you go for composite granite sinks?

The top reasons for choosing granite composite sinks are that they are very durable, simple to maintain, naturally quiet, and heat resistant. They are also less expensive than sinks constructed of genuine granite.

Are granite composite sinks noisy?

No, composite granite sinks are very quiet and have great sound absorption capabilities. While compared to stainless steel sinks, they will make very less noise when the water runs or when washing dishes.

What are the top composite granite sink manufacturers?

Brands like Elkay, Kraus, and Blanco are unbeatable. Sinks from these well-known manufacturers are known for their remarkable longevity, good appearance, and ease of maintenance.

Final Thoughts

Granite has grown in popularity as a kitchen sink material because it combines exceptional durability with beauty. To avoid getting lost in the busy market of these sinks, we have detailed all of the crucial facts you need to know while looking for the best granite composite sinks for you. Our top picks for the most popular and dependable sinks will provide you with a variety of units to choose from, based on your specific requirements and tastes.